EPS Engineered Parts Sourcing Inc began providing manufacturing services in 1988. The manufacturing facility is located in Alpharetta, just thirty minutes north of Atlanta, GA. We have developed from a local manufacturer of small screws and rivets to a leading provider of semi-standard and special cold formed parts throughout North America. In conjunction with our cold heading capabilities, we also offer a wide variety of secondary services such as threading, knurling, shaving, drilling and tapping, plating, and head/shank slotting. We also offer many commercial finishes including high “salt spray” resistance for automotive applications. We offer warehousing for stocking JIT programs and are equipped for any rapid response that our customers demand.
AbateLogo_L300Abbate Screw Products, Inc. manufactures precision parts ranging from 1/16” to 2 ¼” in diameter. Our clean and efficient 85,000 square foot facility offers the best in modern machining utilizing a mix of CNC/CNC Swiss machines, traditional single/multiple spindle automatic screw machines, CNC milling and drilling, honing, grinding, blasting and vibratory finishing.
rcm-logoRCM Industries’ four manufacturing facilities are strategically located to meet the various high pressure aluminum die casting, CNC machining and finishing needs of a wide variety of markets. Each RCM division has expertise in producing high quality aluminum die castings requiring close tolerances, pressure tightness, good surface finish, and various secondary operations. Each RCM division has full access to the leading-edge resources of the combined RCM corporate-wide operations. In summary, each RCM division casts multiple alloys, performs many various secondary operations, and has dedicated and CNC machining centers for the parts we cast.

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